This year’s committee consists of five members:

Kayleigh Start – Chairman
Steven van Lohuizen – Secretary
Mathieu Nass – Treasurer
Sofie Kölling – External Affairs
Mees Flapper – Speakers

The Committee: Mees, Steven, Kayleigh, Mathieu and Sofie

Kayleigh Start

Hi, I am Kayleigh Start, a 23-year-old student applied physics at the University of Twente. Since my first year studying applied physics I’ve been active in a lot of committees of study association Arago. I liked this so much that I became a full-time board member of Arago, as Commissioner of Internal Affairs. As I am writing this, our board year is almost finished, so that’s why I was looking for a new challenge. Having done mostly small committees, organizing a Symposium sounds like a great new experience from which I can learn a lot. I am the chairman of the committee which comes down to having the overview of the committee, keeping track of our schedule and making sure everybody does his/her job. I’m looking forward to welcoming you all on the twelfth of December!

Steven van Lohuizen

Hello, my name is Steven van Lohuizen, I am a 22-year old applied physics student at the Saxion Enschede. I was a student at the University of Twente in the study year 2014/2015. I always kept my ties with Arago and I was always interested in being active for S.V. Arago and this year I had the time to finally join the committee I always had the most interest in! In this committee I have the function of secretary. This means that I do all the administration for this symposium. So if people have any question, I will be the person to ask. I am excited for the symposium and I hope to see you!

Mathieu Nass

Hi! My name is Mathieu Nass, I am 22 years old and, like the others, study Applied physics at the University of Twente. At the end of this year I will hopefully be done with my bachelor in Applied Physics and pre-master in Computer Science. The symposium committee is my first committee at S.V. Arago but not the first in general. As Treasurer it is my responsibility to make sure everything is paid for. I also arrange al lot of general things for the symposium (including this website!) and help others where needed. We will make sure everything goes smoothly, I’m looking forward to seeing you there!!

Sofie Kölling

Hello, my name is Sofie Kölling, I am a 21-year-old applied physics student at the University of Twente. At the moment, I am finishing my last courses before doing my bachelor assignment at the end of the academic year. Last year, I was a fulltime board member of S.V. Arago as Commissioner of Educational Affairs, and right now I am still active in various committees of Arago. Together with my board I helped as a day commissioner during last symposium, which inspired me to join the committee this year. In this committee, my function is commissioner of external affairs, which means I will focus on communication and collaboration with partners such as research groups, research institutes and companies. I am looking forward to the symposium, and hope to see you there!

Mees Flapper

Hello! My name is Mees Flapper, I am 19-year-old and I am currently in my second year of Applied Physics at the University of Twente. In the symposium committee, my function is commissioner of speakers. As commissioner of speakers, my job was to visit several research groups at the University of Twente to find out which people from the Soft Matter world would be suitable as speakers at the symposium. Furthermore, (together with the rest of the committee) I made a selection of 6 speakers to invite to the symposium. In addition, I maintained contact with the speakers to discuss the subject of their speech.

Finally, I hope to see you at the symposium and I hope you will enjoy the speeches!



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