Symposium will go on!

Due to the bad weather, many are wondering if the symposium will go on. Our intentions now are to let everything go on as planned. Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow and we will not experience much trouble. If this decision changes, we will let you know by sending a email.

Main sponsor: ‘Soft Matter’

Organising a symposium would not be possible without the support of our sponsors. This year, the research cluster ‘Soft Matter’ from the faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Twente is main sponsor.

Soft Matter is the science of complex fluid and solid materials governed by a subtle balance between enthalpic interactions and thermal energy. The Soft Matter cluster, consisting of the groups of BioElectronics (Prof. Serge Lemay), Nanobiophysics (Prof. Mireille Claessens) and Physics of Complex Fluids (Prof. Frieder Mugele), focusses on the fundamental understanding of microscopic physical and chemical properties of soft materials and interfaces and their relation to macroscopic phenomena such as biological function, biosensing, (electro)wetting, and rheology. The underlying multi-scale processes are frequently controlled by the physical chemistry of complex electrolyte solutions containing self-aggregating (bio)organic solutes and their interaction with solid surfaces. Next to fundamental science, we also collaborate with industrial partners to exploit the potential of our research in practical applications including analytical chemistry, sensing technology, enhanced oil recovery and optofluidics.


We are happy to inform you that Alfons van Blaaderen and René van Roij are taking part in the Arago symposium as speakers. Alfons van Blaaderen is renowned for his expertise regarding colloids and is an international leader on this subject. René van Roij is an expert in the field of soft matter, however one of his more recent research fields concerns blue energy. More information about these speakers can be found in the speakers tab.

Moreover, our list of sponsors has increased greatly since the latest blogpost, which can be seen here. One of our sponsors, the research group BIOS, will organise a lunch lecture on the 9th of January for Applied Physics students, in cooperation with study association Arago. Registration for this, via Arago, will open soon.

While we are on the topic of registration, do not forget to sign up for our symposium! The sign-up form can be found here.

We expect to announce more information about the symposium shortly on this page.


First speakers announced

As known, our symposium will carry the theme ‘Hardcore Soft Matter’. This theme will allow for a broad range of interesting topics regarding soft matter. To give an idea of the vastness of the range of topics covered by the soft matter research field, soft matter ranges from self-healing materials to colloid science and from nanofluidics to bionanoscience. With this theme, we hope to give everyone an idea of how varied the soft matter field can be. To achieve this, we invited a variety of speakers who are all experts in their research area in order to captivate the entire audience.

We are delighted to announce two of our speakers: Marileen Dogterom, an expert in the field of Bionanoscience, and Lydéric Bocquet, who is an expert in the field of Nanofluidics, but who has also published very interesting articles regarding the physics of everyday life. If you can’t wait to find out more about these speakers and their research, visit the speakers tab on the website.

More information will follow soon!


Welcome on the site for our symposium: ‘Hardcore Soft matter’!  Every year study association Arago, the study association for Applied Physics at the University of Twente, organizes a symposium during which various speakers will highlight a specific subject in physics. This year, the symposium will take place on Tuesday December 12th, and center around the theme Soft Matter.

Various speakers will take us to the frontier of physics, by discussing the most recent developments in bionanotechnology, biophysics, colloids and other topics surrounding soft matter, in order to highlight the diversity within this subject.

This site is currently still under construction, in due time you will find  information about us, our speakers, our sponsors and so forth. Registration for the symposium will also become possible here.