Soft Matter

Soft Matter is the science of complex fluid and solid materials governed by a subtle balance between enthalpic interactions and thermal energy. The Soft Matter cluster, consisting of the groups of BioElectronics (Prof. Serge Lemay), Nanobiophysics (Prof. Mireille Claessens) and Physics of Complex Fluids (Prof. Frieder Mugele), focusses on the fundamental understanding of microscopic physical and chemical properties of soft materials and interfaces and their relation to macroscopic phenomena such as biological function, biosensing, (electro)wetting, and rheology. The underlying multi-scale processes are frequently controlled by the physical chemistry of complex electrolyte solutions containing self-aggregating (bio)organic solutes and their interaction with solid surfaces. Next to fundamental science, we also collaborate with industrial partners to exploit the potential of our research in practical applications including analytical chemistry, sensing technology, enhanced oil recovery and optofluidics.

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